Here, five terrific Albariños to try this summer.

2009 Salneval ($10)

The large Condes de Albarei winery produces this affordable, lemon peel–scented white.

2009 La Cana ($17)

La Cana comes from vineyards planted only a mile or so from the Atlantic. More luscious than many Albariños at the same price, it has a lovely floral-citrus fragrance.

2008 Santiago Ruiz ($20)

Though in a lighter style, Ruiz's wine is subtle and layered, not simplistic at all.

2009 Do Ferreiro ($25)

Ferreiro is the Galician word for "ironworker," the profession of founder Gerardo Méndez's grandfather. This wine is powerful, citrusy and appropriately steely.

2008 Zarate El Palomar ($55)

Eulogio Botana makes a single 600- gallon barrel of this exotically spicy, single-vineyard white each year.

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