This $4,500 Chocolate Sculpture of Yoda Is a Must-See

It was created by a famous chocolatier.

Yoda chocolate sculpture
Photo: Barcroft / Contributor / Getty Images 

The mastermind chocolatier at Swedish coffee house Fika, Håkan Martensson, sculpted this stunning – and expensive – Yoda statue using his signature medium. Forbes reports that owning the artistic confection (pictured below) would cost you $4,500.

Martensson has been sculpting with chocolate for years, even in front of live audiences at trade shows, but for special events like weddings too, so if you really want to impress your guests with an elaborate dessert, he's your guy.

He seems to especially be a fan of strange and fantastical creatures: In the past, he's created detailed skulls, trolls, gnomes, and dragons. Each one can take him as many as four hours to sculpt.

All of Martensson's creations are completely edible, but actually taking a bite out of his Yoda statue, as delicious as he might be, seems like a crime against chocolate, and maybe even Star Wars.

Fika has plenty of much smaller, and less expensive, chocolates available in their coffee shops. Treat his statues like one you might see in a museum, and please don't touch the artwork.

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