Of course, you can eat them other days, too.

chill-aco ben and jerry's
Credit: © Ben & Jerry's

Whether you plan to honor April 20 the traditional way—or if you're scratching your head, wondering what the big deal is about this little date—Ben and Jerry's is giving us all reason to celebrate. The ice cream king is rolling out an I've-got-the-munchies friendly snack, dubbed chill-acos: perfectly paired scoops served on two taco shells.

"It's a taco, it's a burrito, it's a waffle cone, it's ice cream, cookie crumbles, caramel, and fudge drizzles—and it can be in your hands starting 4/20," according to Ben and Jerry's announcement. "But," the site coyly continues, "it's only chilling out in Scoop Shops for a limited time, so get yours before this taco-tastic concoction goes up in a puff of smoke!"

Ben and Jerry's will roll out this new dessert on 4/20, and keep it around—only in its official stores—for about two weeks. (You can find a list of official Ben and Jerry's stores here.) Each creamy concoction features a pairing of the company's signature flavors tucked into a crepe-like waffle, a layer of warm caramel, then wrapped in a crispy waffle cone shell and topped with hot fudge and cookie crumbles. (Sigh.)

Here are a sampling of the pairings for the new chill-acos, according to the site:

- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Ben and Jerry's says this is a classic combo. "It'll give your taste buds a familiar feeling while you try to wrap your head around what you're experiencing," according to the website.

- Sweet Cream & Cookies & Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz: "You know that feeling you get around 3:00 pm when you're running out of steam, and need a little pick me up?" asks Ben and Jerry's. This combo is the cure, it says. "It's kind of like grabbing a coffee and a cookie, but it's actually an ice cream-waffle cone-burrito-taco thing, so really it's not like that at all."

- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Tonight Dough: "Waiting for cookies to bake is for amateurs, which is why you know that cookie dough is where it's at," according to the site. This combo offers loads of the good (unbaked) stuff, "but then there's also glorious gobs of peanut butter cookie dough. That dough...whoa," the site says.