Fantastic liquors, spirits and other stylish cocktail accessories. Photographs by Gregor Halenda.

By Christine Quinlan Megan Krigbaum Jen Murphy and Nick Fauchald
Updated March 31, 2015

Top-of-the-Line Tequila

Partida’s new first-quality Extra Añejo Elegante Tequila is aged in oak for at least three years, which gives it a smooth texture and caramel flavor. $350; for stores.

Pretty Picks

Petal-shaped, matte gold cocktail picks from Blue Leaves are individually hand-cast. $132 for six picks;

Topsy-Turvy Cruets

Inspired by inverted wine glasses, these Ming cruets—perfect for oil and vinegar—come from Amsterdam-based designer tsu.R. The set includesglass lids and a small brush for easycleaning. $39;

Dessert Scotch

Renowned whisky producer The Macallan has added maple and pecan syrups to its Scotch to create Amber, its first-ever liqueur. $40; up thespirit world

Luxe Tray

The Evoca serving tray from L’Objet is handmade from brass and polished nickel and ringed by double-looped, bamboo-inspired handles that are gilded in 24-carat gold. From $250;

Insulated Glasses

Making its debut in the United States, Japan-based housewares and clothing store Muji sells lightweight, double-walled glasses designed to keep beer cold. $13 each; 646-366-0517.

Walnut Liqueur

Based on a traditional recipe from Italy, Nocino della Cristina (named for the artisan’s cousin) is walnut infused brandy. U.S. producer Monteverdi Spirits uses Napa Valley nuts and warming spices from around the world. $24 for 200 ml;

Multigrain Vodka

Made with rye, wheat and barley, U’Luvka vodka from Poland comes in a funky, teardrop-shaped bottle. $49;

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