An array of spectacular, metal gift ideas, from the superfunctional (professional-grade cookware) to beautiful and decorative (necklaces inspired by 17th-century serving ware). Photographs by Gregor Halenda.

By Christine Quinlan Megan Krigbaum Jen Murphy and Nick Fauchald
Updated March 31, 2015

Flatware to Wear

Necklaces from Demitasse Jewelry are inspired by items like a 17th century ice server and an 18th-century spoon and slicer. From left: $595, $765 and $795;

Chain Links

Brooklyn-based designer Sarah Cihat asked metalsmith Michael Miller to dress up the hand-cast porcelain bowls from her new Dirt collection with edgy copper and brass chainwork. $600;

Campfire Chic

These sleek stainless steel, oil-burning “logs” from designer Carl Mertens provide a dramatic centerpiece. $340;

Lotus Menorah

Michael Aram’s organic-themed Lotus Blossom line now includes a handmade, nickel plated Hanukkah menorah. $220;

Professional-Style Cookware

Viking’s expanded cookware line features a three-quart sauté pan in seven-ply stainless steel and aluminum to evenly conduct heat. $230;

Iconic Coffeepot

Bialetti’s stovetop cappuccino maker now comes in a more versatile electric version. $140;

Magnificent Knives

Shun’s Kaji knives are made by folding layers of steel and nickel alloy around a metal core to produce an exceptionally durable blade, which is then attached to a water-resistant Pakkawood handle. $250 for an eight-inch chef’s knife;

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