Pixsweet can make a frozen treat in just about any shape.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated June 30, 2017
pixsweet popsicles with 3d printing detailed
Credit: Courtesy of Pixsweet

We don’t care whether they’re boozy, spicy, tropical, or creamy. We just love popsicles. When it’s hot outside, there’s absolutely nothing better than pulling one out of the freezer and enjoying it outdoors.

They’re summery, they’re sweet, they’re satisfying. What’s there to improve upon?

Well, according to one company, there is one thing that could make popsicles even more wonderful than they already are: customizable shapes.

Pixsweet is an e-commerce site that customers can use to order their very own popsicle designs through the brand’s 3D printing platform. Yup, the entire site is devoted to custom popsicles, and while there are a ton of pre-made designs, you can also upload your own image and have it turned into a popsicle. Just think of the possibilities—anything from your own face to a company’s logo is acceptable.

Categories of pre-designed pops include birthday, “chillin’ poolside,” and wedding sets, and you can add text to any design. You can also choose the color and taste of your popsicle from a variety of flavors including sweet strawberry lemonade, tropical mango pineapple, and juicy watermelon citrus.

“Most people and the companies who have ventured down developing 3D printed foods haven’t really taken the time to analyze the markets and their business models,” founder of the startup and CEO of Pixsweet’s parent company What the Future, Janne Kyttanen, told 3DPrint.com. He’s a digital sculptor whose work could previously be seen in TIME’s “Design 100.” “Whilst most 3D printing companies’ business models are based on a razor blade model, who is going to spend $200 for a kilo of sugar?”

No one, that’s who. But the price of these popsicles certainly isn’t cheap. An 8-pop pack comes in at $19.99, while custom designs are more pricey at $5 per pop with a minimum order of 100. We can see how these would be an excellent, personalized addition to a large-scale party or event, though. Summer weddings, anyone?

You can order your own custom designs at the company’s website, or if you’re okay with traditional shapes, make one of our tried-and-true popsicle recipes at home.