Credit: © Mode Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Apparently basic bitches aren’t the only ones who love pumpkin season. Turns out the large squashes are also beloved by drug smugglers. We’re talking some hardcore tricking and treating here.

Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security showed off a recent seizure of approximately 383 pounds of cocaine that was discovered at the Port of Philadelphia inside a shipment of pumpkins and squashes that had come from Costa Rica. “The cocaine was expertly disguised in a shipment of squash and pumpkins and because of the coordinated efforts of the law enforcement agencies you see here today, that it was found, seized and never reached the streets of our country,” special agent John Kelleghan was quoted as saying by Philadelphia Magazine.

That’s not to say the drugs were literally hidden in the pumpkins; these weren’t jack-o'-lanterns designed to resemble Pablo Escobar. Instead, the cocaine was laminated inside the boxes. But as Munchies points out, this incident isn’t the first time a serious drug bust has centered around pumpkins. On Halloween two years ago, border officials in Canada found two kilos of cocaine that was, that time, literally stuffed inside of three pumpkins.

Every year around Halloween, it seems like police put out warnings for parents to watch out for razor blades in candy apples or suspicious-looking candies. You may want to keep an eye out for that unexpected kilo of narcotics as well.