By Morgan Goldberg
Updated February 13, 2017
oysters with pearls
Credit: © Bruce Yuanyue Bi / Getty Images

For lovers with unlimited funds, Sydney has the ultimate Valentine's Day extravagance. At Bistro Remy in the Langham Hotel, diners can enjoy two "freshly shucked" oysters—each adorned with one "Australian South Sea pearl"—for the low, low, price of only $3,200 AUD. That's nearly $2,450 USD, for a couple of shellfish which typically go for $4.50 AUD each, sans pearl. Of course, you're not going out to eat this dish solo, so really you're dropping a few grand to slurp one very costly oyster. Oh, and don't swallow the pearl.

Located in Sydney's Central Business District, Bistro Remy is headed up by Executive Chef Dave Whitting, who had a special vision for this "romantic" offering.

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According to Daily Mail, a premium pearl supplier in the area allocated an undisclosed amount of South Sea pearls for Whitting to use for his dish.

"We wanted to take the traditional, romantic dinner for two and make it something extraordinary," said Whitting, "Pearls are known in mythology to strengthen relationships, so are the perfect accompaniment to our limited edition Valentine's Day entrée."

If you're looking to strengthen your relationship and diminish your bank account, the expensive food route is always available. But you're more likely to find us chowing down on a heart-shaped pretzel.