In bustling cities all over the United States, desk lunch has become a prevalent and sad occurrence. “We’ve got no time” is the common refrain from sad sandwich eaters everywhere. But tucked away in an unassuming corner of New York is the city’s smallest sushi bar, serving what may be the world’s quickest omakase. Sushi On Jones serves up 12 courses of hamachi, scallop, uni on Wagyu and a lot more at its tiny four seat counter in just half an hour. Each piece is meticulously, but quickly prepared by Chef David Bouhadana and his team as a sign looms over diners reading “Less Talk More Eat Mucho Arigato” encouraging to enjoy their meal briskly.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s also outside? That means that not only can those forced to eat al-desko get a good meal, they can also get some much needed exposure to natural light. If you’re currently trapped in the office, check out the video above for some food porn in a hurry—the 30 minute omakase in 30 seconds.