Credit: © Tastespotting

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

Mmmm…avocado. Nothing beats the creamy goodness, but sometimes (we said sometimes), you only feel like eating a half. Here, a few methods to help you store for later.

Store it with An Onion

Place the avocado in an airtight container with about a quarter cup of freshly chopped red onion. The sulfur compounds in the onion (you know, the ones that make you cry) will oxidize on the green surface and prevent it from browning…for a couple of days at least.

Brush it with Olive Oil

Right before you seal the un-eaten avocado half in an airtight container, use a pastry brush (or paper towel, in a pinch) to slather the green surface with olive oil. Then pop it in the fridge.

Cover It With Lemon Juice (And Plastic Wrap)

Same deal as olive oil. Brush the juice onto the exposed green. Then, instead of using an airtight container, wrap the avocado half in Saran wrap. Just be sure you press the plastic against the surface to help seal in the lemon juice.