Here, three things to do with all those summer herbs.

Air-Dry: At Carbone, Mario Carbone and co-chef Rich Torrisi scatter fresh oregano on sheet trays. Placed on top of warm ovens, the herbs dry overnight. “Dried oregano is an important ingredient for Carbone," says Mario. "It’s nostalgic, like the restaurant itself. It’s in everybody’s kitchen cabinet across the country, but by drying fresh oregano ourselves, we’re elevating the experience. You taste the flavor that you recognize, but in a much sharper way.”

Microwave: Pastry chef Aaron Russell at Atlanta’s Restaurant Eugene dries basil, sorrel and mint. “I nuke them in 30-second bursts, then grind them for an intense dust to mix with sugar.”

Salt-Pack: To make herb salts, chef Jeff Mahin of Hollywood’s Stella Barra layers salt, chives and dill on a sheet tray, then dries them overnight in a 120° oven.