Dark Lord Day attendees could have a lot more room to hang out by 2020.
3 Floyds Brewing
Credit: Courtesy of 3 Floyds Brewing

Indiana’s 3 Floyds Brewing is probably best known for their Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout and the annual event that accompanies it every year, known as Dark Lord Day, where fans take a pilgrimage to the Munster brewery on release day, the only time and place the legendarily difficult to procure beer is officially sold. Since the first Dark Lord Day in 2005, the event has continued to grow, but in a couple years, the celebration could be three times bigger… at least as far as location is concerned. According to recently posted plans, 3 Floyds is hoping to nearly triple the size of its current brewing facilities.

According to the Chicago Tribune, plans published by the town of Munster last week show that the now 57,000-square-foot brewery is looking to construct a glass-walled campus that includes a larger brewpub, a retail space, new offices, outdoor dining, additional parking and a significantly larger brewery. The project – which has been discussed with the town since September – could be finalized as soon as next month, with the new facility slated for a 2019 or 2020 opening.

Munster Town Manager Dustin Anderson told the Tribune that his first reaction to the plans was “Holy cow.” He then continued, “Second was, ‘That’s awesome, and how can I as a resident and employee of the town help facilitate that in my community?’”

With a population of only about 23,000 people, Munster is more quiet Chicago suburb than booming metropolis, so 3 Floyds and Dark Lord Day – which attracts thousands of people each year – help put the town on the map. “We’re thrilled,” Anderson said. “3 Floyds is a great neighbor and asset for the community, and we’re glad they’re choosing to expand in Munster.” Though whether those kind words will help him score a coveted bottle of Dark Lord is yet to be seen.