By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 30, 2015

If an entire theme park of chocolate wasn’t enough for the chocolate lover in your life, there is a whole new reason to head to Hershey World this May: The Pennsylvania chocolatier will be adding a 3-D chocolate printer as a permanent installation where, according to Ad Age, “consumers can order their own likenesses and other custom shapes.”

Hershey has been testing the technology, built via a collaboration with 3D Systems, for only six months now. The chocolate brand is already confident that it will be ready to be in front of consumers in a few months' time.

CocoJet, as the machine is named, was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show early this month and made a guest appearance on Good Morning America. In fact, this won’t even be the first time CocoJet has appeared at Chocolate World: The printer originally debuted in December. This is the machine’s fourth iteration, and now the chocolate-making marvel is about ready for a permanent home.

Initially, beyond creating “chocolate selfies,” customers will also be able to make things like custom wedding toppers and greeting cards. Beyond that, the possibilities are still being figured out. “We're all about innovation,” Jeff Mundt, senior marketing manager of technology at Hershey's innovation center, told Ad Age. "Our approach is launch to learn, rather than learn to launch.”

As long as CocoJet keeps spewing delicious chocolate, I’m guessing everything else will fall into place.