Every year, F&W food editors test hundreds of kitchen tools and products and sample thousands of sauces, sweets, nuts, chocolates and other incredible foods from around the world. Here are 25 great gifts under $10.

1.RJ’s Licorice ($6; chefshop.com)

2.Dale and Thomas Popcorn Chocolate Popcorn Bar ($6; daleandthomas.com)

3.Hotel Chocolat’s “Purist” line of rustic, single-estate grown chocolate bars (right) studded with flavorings like pink peppercorns ($7.50 per bar; hotelchocolat.com)

4.Smiley Apiaries tupelo honey ($8 for 16 oz; floridatupelohoney.com)

5.CMB Sweets organic jams, like kiwi-lime-ginger preserves ($6.50 for 8 oz; cmbsweets.com)

6.Shady Maple Farms’s maple syrup ($8 for 8.5 oz; shadymaple.com)

7.L’Artigiano Salty Chocolate Bars ($9; worldwidechocolate.com)

8.Nando’s hot sauces, made with superhot peri peri peppers ($7 for two 4.7-oz bottles; nandosusa.com)

9.Garrison Confections chocolate and nut Squrtles ($8; garrisonconfections.com)

10.Indonesian cashews ($3; nutsplusnuts.com)

11.Murval Paris acrylic footed “goblets” ($7 to $5; orchardnursery.com)

12.EcoGen kitchen soap and sponge dispensers made from biodegradable, injection molded plastic (from $8; thecontainerstore.com)

13.Two-level bamboo steamer (from $10; cooking.com)

14.VerTerra’s reusable, biodegradeable picnic dinnerware (from $9 for 10-pack; verterra.com)

15.Baggu’s portable, superpackable market bags ($10; baggubag.com)

16.Moon Shine Trading Co. clover honey ($9.50 for 16 oz; moonshinetrading.com)

17.Sanborn’s Candies chocolate-covered marshmallows ($10 for an 8 oz box; sanbornscandies.com)

19.Heavenly Soufflés amazing individually sized frozen soufflés in four flavors ($9; heavenlysouffle.com)

20.Hershey’s Cacao Reserve chocolate bars($2.50 per bar; hersheys.com)

21.Frutzzo Yumberry Juice ($3 for 12 oz; frutzzo.com)

22.Instant beurre blanc ($7 each; headstartgourmet.com)

23.Vinegar sprinkles ($10 per gm; epicurepantry.com)

24.Frontera Mango-Key Lime Salsa ($5 for 16 oz; fronterakitchens.com)

25.Kjali Foods’s organic white corn tortilla chips ($3 per 9 oz bag; sfsalsa.com)



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