Inspired by a cement truck, it can hold the equivalent of 123,000 bottles of whisky, and we can't look away.

monkey shoulder giant cocktail shaker
Credit: Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder

When a “double” simply won’t cut it, Monkey Shoulder whisky has come up with an over-the-top solution: Starting this weekend, the Speyside blended Scotch brand will be traveling across America in a truck equipped with an unmissable 2,400-gallon cocktail shaker. Your “kegger” suddenly looks so small by comparison.

Inspired by the design of a cement truck, The Monkey Mixer – as the vehicle is called – replaces what would typically be a spinning drum to keep concrete from hardening with a massive, shiny, silver cocktail shaker. In total, the mixer is over 27-feet long, 13-feet tall and 8-feet wide, with a capacity of about 2,400 gallons. Monkey Shoulder brags that the shaker could hold the equivalent of 123,000 bottles of the brand’s Scotch – though it’s probably unlikely it’ll ever reach that full capacity, if only because there’d be no room to add any mixers, so what would be the point?

Needless to say, The Monkey Mixer is a party on wheels, and to hammer home that point, this truck holds more than just booze: It’s also equipped with a 2,000-plus watt sound system featuring three amplifiers, four speakers and three subwoofers (which should keep those cocktails shaking). The truck will be making its debut this weekend at Arizona Cocktail Week where the brand will be serving up a drink called the Mixed Up Monkey directly from the mixer’s chute. From there, Monkey Shoulder says it “will travel to select cocktail festivals and other surprise locations in the USA throughout 2018.”

Beyond the obvious spectacle, Monkey Shoulder suggests that this stunt is also reflective of what its Scotch is all about. “Many consider whisky sacred and precious. Many take their cocktails very seriously. We respect that, but believe people should play with their whisky, and enjoy the experience,” Seb Derbomez, one of the brand’s US ambassadors, said in a statement. “Monkey Shoulder is an award-winning whisky that is made for mixing, and we are dedicated to sharing the joy and wonder of what a whisky cocktail experience can be with people across the country. The Monkey Mixer is a great vehicle to share this message in a big and unmistakable way.”