By FWx Editors
Updated June 01, 2016
The Governors Ball Music Festival
Credit: © Forest Woodward

New York City's answer to Coachella is the Governors Ball, a three day food and music festival taking place this weekend at Randall's Island Park. In between the likes of Kanye West, Robyn, The Killers, Beck and Haim there will be food, non-stop music and some incredible (if incorrigible) people watching. This year's food lineup has been curated by The Infatuation, and there's a lot to indulge in. Here are some of our highlights to look forward to at the festival.


3:45 PM - Action Bronson

4:30PM - Those tasty rhymes probably worked up your appetite, so load up on carbs and protein for the rest of the night with a Ramen Burger.

4:45 PM - Of Monsters And Men

5:30 PM - In between a couple folksy acts, find a patch of grass and settle in with a Thai-inspired hot dog from Asia Dog or some crispy avocado toast from Bluestone Lane and hey, some generous bearded hipster might even let you swig their moonshine!

5:45 PM - Father John Misty

6:45 PM - Beck

7:00 PM - Okay, so Beck has mellowed out a lot since the 90's. Perk up with an iced watermelon basil tea from Matchabar. Grab a blackberry ginger lemonade or honeydew lime zest popsicle from King of Pops, then chill out to Jamie XX's incredibly catchy and soulful grooves.

8:00 PM - Jamie XX

9:00 PM - Time to rev things up for Robyn's heart-pounding synth-pop dance-a-thon, so get a sugar rush with a shaved-ice-meets-ice-cream from Snowdays Shavery. Alternatively, if you're into the rhythmic alt-rock pounding of The Strokes, you can pre game the dance pit with a Tito's Vodka cocktail.

9:15 PM - Robyn / The Strokes


5:45 PM - De La Soul / Against Me!

6:30 – If De La Soul has you feeling nostalgic for your childhood, try Mac Truck's Classic Mac & Cheese combo with a side of honey-drizzled apple slices or some chicken nuggets from the Nugget Spot and let the memories flood back. Then again if you're still feeling punk rock after moshing to Against Me!, try sipping a whiskey cocktail and a chowing down on some Belgian-style fries from Friterie (fries are punk, right?).

6:45 PM - Haim/Miguel

7:30 PM - Haim is bringing back sunny 70's-inspried rock riffs so keep that California feeling going with a burrito from Taqueria Diana and a Don Julio Margarita from their vintage Airstream trailer speakeasy. Then again, if Miguel got you in the mood, it might be time for something sexy like the sushi burrito from Uma Temakeria. (that’s like, the aphrodisiac of burritos, right?)

9:15 PM - The Killers / M83

10:30 PM - When The Killers play something off their new album, go grab an artisan ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus to keep cool in the crowd. Or if you've been working up an appetite holding your iPhone up to record M83, put your damned device away and pick up some Korean-inspired tacos from Korilla.


4:00 PM - Pregame with some snacks, like tasty Sicilian Arborio rice balls from Arancini Bros. or some street corn from Café Habana.

4:25 PM - CHVRCHES / Joey Bada$$

5:45 PM - Whether you're into electro-pop or hip-hop, it's probably time for a beer and a Black Tap burger. Don't worry, you can just chill on the ground while you the next act plays. Nobody's judging.

6:50 PM - Gary Clark Jr.

7:45 - Oh right, you're at a festival and you haven't had any stick food! Grab a classic dance-friendly snack like a Jalapeño Corn Dog.

8:00 PM - Chet Faker

9:15 PM - While everyone else is watching Kanye West headline the festival, there's no better time to get completely self-indulgent. Eat everything that’s left!

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