Sommeliers love to talk about fruit—extolling a wine's grapefruit scent, say, or its jamminess. So F&W decided to ask three Washington, DC, wine pros to blind-taste different supermarket grapefruit juices and raspberry jams. And, because wine can also turn to vinegar, we had them rate that, too.

By Emily Kaiser ThelinKelly SnowdenKate Krader and Jen Murphy
Updated March 31, 2015

The pros: Kat Bangs, Komi; Jill Zimorski, Cafe Atlantico; Kathryn Morgan, Citronelle

Red Wine Vinegar

Taste-Test Winner:

The panel found this aged Italian vinegar had a robust, tangy, sandalwood-flecked flavor that tasted the most like red wine. $3.50 for 17 oz;


Spectrum Naturals
The nutty flavor of this organic bottling reminded the sommeliers of sherry vinegar from Spain. $4 for 8.5 oz;

Eden Select
This organic, unpasteurized variety is made from naturally fermented red wine. "A nice, rustic vinegar," said Morgan. $2.50 for 16 oz;

Raspberry Jam

Taste-Test Winner:

St. Dalfour
"The dark fruit and smooth texture resemble an Alexander Valley Merlot," Bangs said of this French conserve. $4 for 10 oz;


Bonne Maman
The fresh taste reminded Bangs of jam-making with her family. "It's got the best texture, not too thick," said Morgan. $5 for 13 oz;

The American jam had the richest, most spreadable consistency. "It's fresh and fruity, like a California Cab," Bangs said. $3 for 12 oz;

Grapefruit Juice

Taste-Test Winner:

Simply Grapefruit
The Coca Cola Company's new juice had "the best balance of sweet, bitter and tart," said Zimorski. $4 for 59 oz;


Tropicana Ruby Red
"Great fruit flavor, but it could use more zing," Morgan said. The sweet Ruby Red breed was patented in 1929. $3.50 for 64 oz;

Florida's Natural
Produced by a cooperative of Florida citrus growers, this juice "has a nice herbal component," Bangs said. $3 for 64 oz;

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