Sommeliers love to talk about fruit—extolling a wine's grapefruit scent, say, or its jamminess. So F&W decided to ask three Washington, DC, wine pros to blind-taste different supermarket grapefruit juices and raspberry jams. And, because wine can also turn to vinegar, we had them rate that, too.

The pros: Kat Bangs, Komi; Jill Zimorski, Cafe Atlantico; Kathryn Morgan, Citronelle

Red Wine Vinegar

Taste-Test Winner:

The panel found this aged Italian vinegar had a robust, tangy, sandalwood-flecked flavor that tasted the most like red wine. $3.50 for 17 oz;


Spectrum Naturals
The nutty flavor of this organic bottling reminded the sommeliers of sherry vinegar from Spain. $4 for 8.5 oz;

Eden Select
This organic, unpasteurized variety is made from naturally fermented red wine. "A nice, rustic vinegar," said Morgan. $2.50 for 16 oz;

Raspberry Jam

Taste-Test Winner:

St. Dalfour
"The dark fruit and smooth texture resemble an Alexander Valley Merlot," Bangs said of this French conserve. $4 for 10 oz;


Bonne Maman
The fresh taste reminded Bangs of jam-making with her family. "It's got the best texture, not too thick," said Morgan. $5 for 13 oz;

The American jam had the richest, most spreadable consistency. "It's fresh and fruity, like a California Cab," Bangs said. $3 for 12 oz;

Grapefruit Juice

Taste-Test Winner:

Simply Grapefruit
The Coca Cola Company's new juice had "the best balance of sweet, bitter and tart," said Zimorski. $4 for 59 oz;


Tropicana Ruby Red
"Great fruit flavor, but it could use more zing," Morgan said. The sweet Ruby Red breed was patented in 1929. $3.50 for 64 oz;

Florida's Natural
Produced by a cooperative of Florida citrus growers, this juice "has a nice herbal component," Bangs said. $3 for 64 oz;

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