Credit: Courtesy of CÉ LA VI Singapore

Could I interest you in a $2 million blue diamond ring? What if I told you it was named after actress Jane Seymour? Not a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fan? Fair enough: You drive hard bargain. What if I tossed in a meal? A really fancy meal!

So goes the apparent sales tactics of Russian diamond company World of Diamonds who, in an effort to pawn off the Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring unveiled earlier this year, have decided to include it in a $2 million package that the brand is billing as “the most expensive dining experience in the world,” according to World of Diamond’s Director, Karan Tilani, “and the most lavish one possible.”

A bit of background WoD probably doesn’t want to be reminded of: According to the company, the 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring named after and once worn by Jane Seymour is already, supposedly, valued at $2 million. The ring was unveiled at an event honoring the actress in Singapore (where she was starring in a play) back in April. It was then displayed at various events around town. At the time, Tilani – ever the hype-machine – suggested to Forbes, “We never had the intention to sell it, but if someone is able to truly appreciate it, we are willing to present The Jane Seymour to a true connoisseur.”

Well, apparently a “true connoisseur” never came out of the woodwork, and World of Diamonds is getting desperate to pawn off its overpriced jewelry to whoever has a cool $2 million to burn. Now, the ring will be packaged in an 8-hour long event for two that begins with a 45-minute helicopter ride over Singapore, followed by chauffeured Rolls-Royce ride and a private cruise. Somehow, the couple will end up at Ce’ La Vi on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel rooftop (maybe they’ll ride on the backs of endangered tigers?) where 10,000 roses will adorn a 360-degree sunset view while an 18-course Modern Asian meal. Then will you take the ridiculous ring?

In all seriousness, listen to what else the meal entails and you’ll be shocked at what kind of margins these diamond companies haul in. According to Forbes, “Among other gastronomical items, the menu includes New Zealand Langoustine, Fresh Belon Oyster with champagne foam, Almas Caviar, Lamb Sweetbread, Air-Flown Alaska Wild Salmon, Slow Cooked Pigeon, and Apple-Wood Grilled Mishima Sirloin. Paired with the menu are 44- and 55-year-old vintage wines, 1988 Salon ‘S’ champagne, 2008 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru , and a host of other world-class Champagnes and Bruts.” Still not sold? “The two guests will be seated in custom-made designer furniture configured to their home or liking (fabricated by The Plush), and will eat using diamond-studded chopsticks that have their names engrave in them…. Additionally, throughout the candle-lit dinner that includes indoor and al fresco portions, a live band will play and—at midnight —The Jane Seymour ring will be presented” where “Louis XIII de Rémy Martin cognac will be served and an extravagant fireworks display will take place.”

In his usual form, Karan Tilani told Forbes, “[We expect] the response will be beyond overwhelming, but it’s only two diners who will eventually have the privilege.” Sorry, Tilani, but we are really skeptical. Does anyone really want this ring?