By Kate Krader and Monica F. Forrestall
Updated March 31, 2015

15 Degrees, Boulder, Colorado

Age 29
Background Born in Wilmington, Delaware. Worked at Renaissance in Aspen, Colorado.
How he got into cooking "My dad and I didn't bond over baseball; we bonded over cooking shows."
How he padded his résumé "Charles Dale offered me a job at Renaissance as a butcher. I lied and said, 'Yeah, I have those skills.' And it worked out."
Menu bomb Macadamia-crusted sweetbreads with baby bok choy.
Favorite cookbook The Way to Cook by Julia Child.
What he eats at 1 A.M. "Chicken noodle soup if I'm in the mood for salt, or vanilla sorbet with caramel and chocolate sauce if I want something sweet."
Least favorite food Brussels sprouts. "It's the only vegetable I can't eat, and I eat everything known to man."
What he'd be if he weren't a chef A comedian.
Recipe tip Add oil to salad dressing as slowly as possible. If the emulsion breaks, gradually pour the dressing back into a running blender.
Restaurant details 1965 15th St.; 303-442-4222.