One in 13 children has a food allergy. Consider giving these out as a worry-free treat.
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dums dums lollipop
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Everyone loves Halloween festivities, but candy is a trickier treat for the millions of kids with food allergies. According to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) one in every 13 children has a food allergy, or about two per U.S. classroom, and while it might seem like only a minor inconvenience, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room every 3 minutes.

Clearly, it's worth the effort to provide some alternative, more allergy-friendly candies. The following treats are all free of the eight most common food allergens: milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish. Consider giving them out to trick-or-treaters or having them on hand at your Halloween party.

Gimbal's Fine Candies Gourmet Jelly Beans

jelly beans for allergy free candies
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Gimbal's jelly beans aren't just free of the eight major allergens—they're made with fruit juice, which fans say make them taste better than the usual jelly beans. (Note: they do contain corn).

Gimbal's Fine Candies Gourmet Jelly Beans, 40-Ounce Jar, $16 on

No Whey! Foods Halloween Figures

chocolate figurines
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These Halloween-themed figurines include witches and ghosts, but no milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat or soy, and no gluten either.

No Whey! Foods Halloween Figures, $9 on

Ice Chips Candy Variety Pack

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Ice Chips are vegan, sugar-free, and sweetened with Xylitol, but their biggest distinction may be that the company's founders used them to win Shark Tank.

Ice Chips Candy Variety Pack, $20 on

Amore Di Mona Luxury Dark Chocolate and Caramela Box

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If you want to get fancy while staying allergy free, this assortment of chocolate bars boasts nearly 80% cocoa content, with 0% of the top eight allergens.

Amore Di Mona Luxury Dark Chocolate and Caramela Box, $19 on

Enjoy Life 100% Decadence Soft Baked Bars, S'mores

s'mores soft baked bars
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Enjoy a campfire favorite free of wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, and gluten with these bars, which are also made without casein, potato, sesame, or sulfites.

Enjoy Life 100% Decadence Soft Baked Bars, S'mores, $4 on

Pascha Organic Chocolate 70% Dark Mini Bars, 3 Pack

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Pascha's individually wrapped mini bars are organic, fair trade, and made with cane sugar.

Pascha Organic Chocolate 70% Dark Mini Bars, 3 Pack, $30 on

Righteously Raw Mixed Bars Box

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This box of organic, kosher, and gluten-free bars include maca, goji, caramel, acai, rose, and "pure dark," for maximum range.

Righteously Raw Mixed Bars Box, $40 on

Dum Dums Pops by Spangler, Bulk Box

st. claires
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Probably the most "standard" on the list, the classic Spangler-made Dum Dums lollipops are actually free of all of the 8 most common allergens. Just be careful if you're on the more sensitive side, as they're sometimes repackaged in a facility that that does contain the allergens.

Dum Dums Pops by Spangler, Bulk Box, $19 on

St. Claire's Organics Assorted Tin Sampler

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St. Clarie's sets itself apart not just through allergy-friendliness, but by donating 10% of profits to the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project, which works to preserve indigenous medicinal plant knowledge.

St. Claire's Organics Assorted Tin Sampler, $24 on

Surf Sweets Candy Variety Pack

dums dums lollipop
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Can't choose? Get a combination of gummy bears, gummy worms, sour worms, and jelly beans, and all without any of those top eight allergens.

Surf Sweets Candy Variety Pack, $13 on

Teal Pumpkin

Credit: © Food Allergy Research & Education

Okay, this isn't technically a candy, but it's equally important. No candy can cover every allergy, so the most inclusive thing you can do is join the Teal Pumpkin Project, and offer a non-food treat alternative that any kid can enjoy. Just put a Teal Pumpkin or sign outside to let everyone know!

Teal Pumpkin Project Poster, $4 from