He drinks it in his tea every morning and with lemonade every night before bed.
old man drinks whiskey everyday
Credit: OsakaWayne Studios / Getty Images

The best thing about centenarians – beyond the whole staying alive thing, of course – is when some local reporter inevitably tosses them the loaded question of “What’s the secret to your longevity?” It’s loaded because when you’ve been alive for at least 100 years, you’ve almost certainly learned that you ain’t making any headlines by saying “porridge.” Instead, we’ve seen amazing answers like eggs and brandy, Miller High Life, and four bottles of wine every single day. Well, here’s another new name for the wild centenarian annals: 105-year-old Derbyshire resident Jack Reynolds, a Brit who credits his long life to a daily regimen of whiskey.

To be fair, Reynolds isn’t just slamming Scotch and watching the telly: He’s an adventurous old bloke who’s done more exciting stuff after 100 than most people have done in their lifetime – and likely holds multiple world records for it. He recently found his way back into the press by learning how to rappel at a facility near his home last week. According to the Metro, he may now be the oldest person to go rappelling. “It was just a trial to see if he could handle it, he had three goes,” his daughter Jayne said. “I’m not sure if he’s the oldest to abseil but I think so.”

(Seriously, look how much fun he's having:)

If Reynolds is the oldest, it’s just another notch on his records belt, which reportedly also includes the oldest person to ride a rollercoaster, oldest person to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, oldest person to fly in a vintage Tiger Moth aircraft, and oldest person to receive a first tattoo, which he did to mark his 104th birthday.

But possibly the most interesting thing Jack’s daughter Jayne revealed wasn’t what he’s done, but how he’s done it. “He has a whisky in his tea every morning and two shots of Grouse in a glass with lemonade at night and swears by it,” she told the paper. “If we’ve got a cold or anything he straight away gives us a whisky, that’s his medicine and it’s not done him bad.” It’s quite the endorsement for The Famous Grouse Scotch – and at not much more than about $20 per bottle, it’s probably cheaper than any medical plan you’re on!