A Denver diner tips an immigrant waiter 400 percent on the day after the election.
Credit: NoDerog

They say in vino veritas—that booze can bring out our true selves, but many of us are prone to all sorts of irregular behavior after a few drinks.

Recently, servers in Denver-based Thai restaurant Thailicious were elated to discover a customer had left a $1,088 tip.

Bee Anantatho, co-owner of the restaurant had never seen a tip like that and the servers in her restaurant – who generally pool tips – were “so happy,” she said in an interview with the Denver Post. However, just to play it safe she decided to hold on to the money for a little bit just in case the customer came back.

Turns out, she was right to be skeptical, the customer did return and asked for the tip back, saying he had been drunk the night before and did not mean to give away all his cash. In the blur of booze, some of those $100 bills he had put down he had believed to be dollar bills.

Anantatho ended up feeling sorry for the guy and returning all his cash, and he sheepishly gave her back $100, the $60 bill plus $40 tip.

A 67% tip is OK, but it still must have been an awkward situation. We’ll see if he gets the same sparkling service next time he comes back.