By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 17, 2016
Credit: © Tim Boyle / Getty Images

As if turning 100 years old in 2016 isn’t a gift all its own – getting to see the most shameful presidential race in the history of America, an official Temple of the Dog reunion, Viagra coffee – a woman in Hanover, Pennsylvania, was recently gifted a lifetime of free McDonald’s after celebrating her 100th birthday at the burger chain.

According to the Hanover Evening Sun (where this kind of puff piece is some of the biggest news of the year), Nadine Baum and her son decided to spend her 100th birthday doing the same thing they had done many times over the past five or six years – going to a local McDonald’s. For much of that time, the mother and son had eaten at this same McDonald’s for lunch every single day. More recently, her arthritis has prevented daily trips; however, Baum is still a regular and even dropped by for her 99th birthday the year before.

This time around, the McDonald’s staff was waiting for her, singing “Happy Birthday” when she entered, with balloons, flowers, cupcakes, a cake and a birthday card waiting for the new centenarian at her regular table. But the best gift of all was yet to come: a certificate for a lifetime of free McDonald’s. It’s a nice gesture, and an even cooler story if she’s still popping in at, like, 115-years-old and the managers are thinking, What have we done?!

For her big birthday meal, Baum went with an old classic: a Big Mac. Fair enough, but respectfully, Ms. Baum, you just got free McDonald’s for life. At the very least, get yourself two Big Macs!