She began drinking the Irish stout as a way to get extra iron.
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Back in the 1920s, the beer brand Guinness had a slogan that probably wouldn’t fly today: “Guinness Is Good for You” advertisements openly exclaimed. Though openly touting the health benefits of beer doesn’t happen as often as it used to, a 100-year-old English woman—who lived through the 1920s, by the way—still prescribes to that old mantra. She credits her longevity to drinking a Guinness every day since her 30s. That about 70 years of Guinness. Or to do the math, over 25,000 beers!

Doris Olive Netting of Plymouth, England, is so committed to Guinness that she even themed her 100th birthday party after the well-known Irish stout, decorating her nursing home with things like branded balloons and a life-sized Guinness toucan logo. If you didn’t quite catch that, yes, Netting hasn’t let living in a care home slow down her beer habit. “She refuses to go a day without drinking it,” the centenarian’s 37-year-old granddaughter Tammy told the Independent.

Apparently, Netting began drinking Guinness after seeing one of those aforementioned Guinness ads touting the beer’s iron content. “After the war there was a big marketing campaign to buy Guinness—drink Guinness to get your iron—following on from the ration years. So Olive did just that: a glass [mini bottle] of Guinness a day for the rest of her life,” Tammy further explained. “She reckons that's why she's lived for as long as she has, because of the iron intake through Guinness. She's doing really well. She's remarkable.”

Like all Brits who reach 100 years of age are eligible for, Netting also had the honor of receiving a telegram from the Queen; however, she might have been more impressed with another well-wisher. After hearing of her devotion to their brews, Guinness sent her a personalized gift basket to mark the occasion. Hopefully, it contained at least a few bottles of Guinness, though knowing Olive as we now do, they won’t last long.