So basically, he also won at life.

By Rebekah Lowin
May 15, 2017
g-stockstudio / Getty Images

About eight years ago, a barman in Manchester, England made a really bad—but ultimately sweet—decision: He told a then-92-year-old patron that when he turned 100, he'd be entitled to "free beers for life" at The Bowling Green pub in Chorlton.

Well, as fate would have it, Arthur Johnson's not only still kicking; he's now enjoying those promised free beers...daily. That's right: The great-grandfather visits Bowling Green every single day to order a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, a 4.3% classic pale ale. According to the Mirror, Johnson's been something of a town celebrity for quite some time now. He told the paper that sometimes, that daily beer turns into two beers: “I started drinking at the Bowling Green for the beer. I always have a Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. It is usually a pint a day but then quite often it’s a double!”

"Free beers for life. That’s the deal!"

You can bet that the bar owner, Mark Canny, isn't too thrilled with the expenses of the whole thing...but overall, he's more than happy to stick to his word and oblige the regular customer.

“I made this promise of free beer for life about six or seven years ago not expecting that he would be at the pub every day of the week," he commented. "My profits have taken a downward spiral!"

Still, Bunny—that's the nickname Johnson's been given by the other regulars—"has become a good friend over the years."

“He’s not just a customer, he’s a drinking buddy," Canny added. "He was at my wedding last year." 

So, how does one grow old enough to live the enviable, beer-filled life that Bunny's made for himself? “I don’t know what the key is," the centenarian told the paper. "But all I can say is, I’ve never eaten fast food and I don’t worry. What hasn’t happened yet might not happen at all, so why worry about it?"