By Justine Sterling
Updated March 10, 2015
Photo Composite: © Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy; © iStockphoto; © Helen Sessions / Alamy

One of the best perks of living the rock-star life is having a rider—a list of demands specifying exactly what the artists require backstage at every performance, like Jack White’s ultra-specific guacamole. But the most notorious rider is Van Halen’s, which mandates a bowl of M&M’s with absolutely no brown ones. A new web series called "No Brown M&M’s," named in honor of that very precise request, visualizes some of the crazier riders, including Van Halen’s, but also some lesser-known ones like Britney Spears’s. Turns out the pop icon really, really like prunes—her rider asks for 100. Or maybe she just really needs them after eating the 10 bun-free McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Watch the video below to find out what else Britney can’t live without on tour. Spoiler: She totally asks for a framed picture of Princess Diana. Sorry, we couldn’t help spoiling it. It’s just too weird. Anyway, watch the video below.