We're mesmerized.

By Rebekah Lowin
March 27, 2017
© Patron Tequila

At first, $100 for a cocktail sounds more than a little bit crazy. 

But when you really start to think about what’s inside this one, it starts to feel almost worth it. (Operative word here: Almost.)

For starters, the Liquid Platinum Margarita contains Gran Patrón Platinum tequila, which retails at $200 a bottle, as well as edible silver flakes and an extra-special, “rare” rose water. There’s also some edible platinum color added for effect. All of that together, plus a bit of xantham gum, really does make this margarita look like a glass of liquefied metal. Then there’s the gorgeous, marshmallow-flavored, silver-painted orchid that tops it all off. 

Here’s the craziest part, though: The sparkly, swirling margarita moves around the glass all by itself, looking a little bit like the pensieve from Harry Potter. And there’s video evidence to prove it. 


Honestly, we could watch that for hours.

Masterminded by bartender Rael Petit, the ultra-swanky drink will be available at Delilah in New York City through the end of April. If, somehow, you get a chance to try it (and can still afford to pay your rent), we hope you at least remember to snap a few photos. This is one drink you really can’t afford to not Instagram.