By Meredith Lepore
Updated October 29, 2015
Credit: © iStockphoto

It has been a tough week for sugar, which is unfortunate, because this is the one week when overdosing on sugar is somewhat acceptable. As a candy addict myself, Halloween doesn’t really change up my diet, except for one candy in particular on which I OD from October 1 (that’s a lie, I started on September 25) through let’s say mid­-November. It is, of course, the official candy of Halloween: candy corn. Though many people hate it (because their taste buds don’t work properly, apparently), many of us will always love it. According to a recent survey from Influenster, candy corn is still the No. 1 overall favorite Halloween candy. "It was interesting to see that the standout candy of choice in the most number of states was the ever­-controversial, you­-either­-love­-it­-or­hate­-it Halloween staple, the candy corn," a rep from the company said. But if you are not sure whether you just really like candy corn or may actually be hooked, see whether you’re experiencing any of these signs of candy corn addiction.

1. You agree when everyone complains about drug stores already selling Halloween candy in September but are secretly pleased.

2. Triangles start to look weird to you if they don’t have orange, yellow and white in them.

3. You are stocking up on bags of candy corn in case they’re gone after Halloween. You have 75 bags.

4. You get mad when people say pumpkins are the symbol of fall. You know the truth.

5. In the middle of downing an entire bag, one of your teeth falls out. You replace it with a piece of candy corn and continue eating.

6. You paid for one of your dentist’s children to go to college.

7. People look at you weirdly when a bag of candy corn falls out of your purse in November.

8. You continue to carry bags of candy corn in your purse.

9. You spent most of your adult life plotting against Lewis Black for this blasphemy.

10. You just tried to eat a traffic cone.