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All the brands came from the same importer.

Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017

Typically the dangers we think about when we think about garbage disposals concern what happens when you shove your hand into one, not what can happen when you aren’t making a totally reckless decision. However, this week, about 146,000 garbage disposals sold under ten different brand names have been recalled due to the potential of a metal component from inside the disposal flying out. It’s your worst nightmare come true: Turns out your fingers aren’t even safe outside of the garbage disposal.

Despite the companies behind these products receiving 22 reports of this metal component coming out of the disposal, the good news is that these pieces only struck consumers on three occasions, and no one has been reported injured. So maybe my previous insinuation that garbage disposals had suddenly developed a dangerous mind of their own was a bit overblown. Still, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission states that consumers “should immediately stop using the recalled garbage disposals and contact Anaheim Manufacturing to arrange for a free replacement disposal to be installed at no cost to the consumer.” Yes, your kitchen will feel lifeless without those loud whirring and grinding noises, but hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

Though these disposals were imported by Anaheim Manufacturing Co and Moen Inc of North Olmsted, Ohio, they were sold under the brand names Barracuda, Franke, Frigidaire, Gemline, Kemore, Kitcheneater, Luxart, Moen, Stream33 and Waste King at a wide array of retailers nationwide including Best Buy and Amazon from December 2015 until March of this year. The CPSC has a complete list of all the model numbers on its website.

If you do happen to own one of the affected disposals, while you wait for a response from Anaheim you’ll simply have to control your natural impulse to throw all of your food waste into the sink. But on the bright side, you’ll temporarily eliminate the risk of mangling any more of your forks.