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Wendy's Will Replace Your Fries if They're Not 'Hot & Crispy'
The guarantee comes after the chain changed up its French fry recipe as more customers turn to delivery.
New FDA Recommendations Aim to Significantly Reduce Salt Used in the Food Supply—Here's What That Means for You
This new guidance calls on restaurants and businesses to drastically cut the sodium in the foods they produce.
Queen Elizabeth Has Been Told to Stop Drinking, Report Claims
Royal doctors want to make sure the Queen is in top shape for her Platinum Jubilee this coming February.
McDonald's McPlant Is Finally Arriving in the U.S. — But Only at Eight Locations
McDonald's says the test "will help us understand how offering a burger with a plant-based patty impacts the kitchens in our restaurants."

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British Man Attempts Guinness World Record By Visiting 51 Pubs in One Day

Matt Ellis' epic 20-mile pub crawl required having a drink every single bar (and a few toilet breaks).