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Scorching Temperatures in Spain Could Threaten Olive Oil Production
Olive oil prices, already up above the five-year average in Spain, are expected to rise more as well.
A Cap'n Crunch Ferry Will Sail New Yorkers to Work Next Week
The water taxi has been outfitted to look like the Cap'n's S.S. Guppy — and will serve cereal on board, of course.
Rosemary is for Remembrance
An ode to meals and memories from a summer home on Martha’s Vineyard.
Aldi Is Looking for a Couple to Win the Grocery Store-Themed Wedding of Their Dreams
The wedding will include an Aldi cocktail reception, an Aldi wedding cake, and an Aldi employee as the officiant.
Queen Elizabeth Is Looking for Someone to Run a Pub on One of Her Royal Estates
Sandringham Estate wants its defunct social club converted into a pub and restaurant.

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Tito's Mocks Hard Seltzer Trend by Selling Empty, Refillable Cans
The reusable can has a removable top and is insulated with double-walled steel.
Airline Passenger Fined Over $1,800 Over a Couple of McMuffins in His Luggage
Due to Australia's strict biosecurity policies, a woman with a half-finished Subway footlong in her bag recently incurred similar penalty.
An Artist Threw the Pickle from a McDonald's Hamburger on a Gallery Ceiling — Price Tag? $6,275

The lucky buyer of this unique installation can also purchase the burger for a few bucks more.