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Even though spring often calls for a hefty organizational overhaul, I’d argue that the new year is the best time to get organized, especially since the holiday season can leave your kitchen in total disarray. From baking to hosting, products and ingredients have lost their homes in the shuffle. And, with a new year often comes more home cooked meals in an effort to maintain resolutions.

That’s why a good set of food storage containers for your cabinets and shelves are key, and luckily you can score the shopper-loved OXO pop containers on sale with some of the best deals we’ve seen in a while, like this baker's essentials set or this medium container

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There’s a container for every pantry item you have on hand. You’ll find one-off containers or curated sets all with a clever pop-up design that makes them sleek enough to display anywhere. Shop 11 of these on-sale coveted containers at Amazon below. 

Best OXO Pop Container Deals 

Made to have an airtight seal, these Pop containers from OXO feature a design that’s perfect for fitting in your pantry. They’re all made with square edges (aside from the cookie jar, which is fittingly more rounded), that make it easy to stack and store together in cabinet spaces. The top is flat, with a button that only pops up when you press it. It releases the lid for easy opening, and once you’re ready to put it away, you simply place the lid back on, and pop the button to reseal. Thanks to their nifty design, there’s no overhang on the sides of the containers from any flaps, making them easy to line up together. 

OXO Good Grips POP Container


To buy: OXO Good Grips 1.7-Quart Container, $12 (originally $16) at amazon.com

If you’re just trying out the Pop containers for the first time, it might be worth starting with a few one-off containers that’ll suit your needs best. There are plenty of sizes available at a discount, like this 3.7-quart tall container perfect for pasta, plus this tall rectangular 1.7-quart option for coffee beans, oats, and more for just $12. 

If you need containers for items that come in small packaging, like baking soda and spices or small portions of nuts and seeds, grab the 0.4 quart containers for just $8 right now. They both have a tiny footprint, and whether you prefer to stack square-shaped containers or rectangular containers, there’s an option for you.  

OXO Good Grips POP Container


To buy: OXO Good Grips 0.4-Quart Rectangular Container, $8 (originally $11) at amazon.com

Shoppers love these containers so much, they’ve raked up over 34,600 five-star ratings on Amazon. “Love this brand. This product seals nicely and keeps what's inside fresh. Good quality, good size for what I needed it for. Pricey, but worth it. Will be buying more in the future,” one shopper wrote

Other shoppers call out that these containers are perfect for people who struggle opening up containers, since their design is a simple one-touch system. They’re also great for pest control according to reviewers, and some reviewers even use them in other rooms around the house, like their bathroom or garage. They’re easy to clean too, since they’re all dishwasher safe. 

OXO Good Grips 8-Piece Baking Essentials POP Container Set


To buy: OXO Good Grips 8-Piece Baking Essentials Container Set, $98 (originally $124) at amazon.com

If you’ve got big plans for your pantry, you can also grab a set on sale too. For avid bakers, score the 8-piece baker’s essentials set while it’s 20% off. It’s got five Pop containers, which come in a large rectangular shape perfect for flours and oats, one medium container perfect for brown sugar, as well as two smaller square containers that work for sprinkles, cocoa powder, chocolate chips. You’ll also get two scoops to add into your containers for easy measuring, plus a brown sugar saver to help maintain the right amount of moisture in the container to prevent the sugar from hardening up . 

For more all-purpose options, OXO has curated larger sets with a variety of container shapes and sizes. Snap up the 20-piece set for a full collection while it’s less than $200. You’ll get six smaller square and rectangular containers in different sizes, seven mid-size square and rectangular containers, and seven larger square and rectangular containers. If you’re not quite ready to commit to 20 containers, you can grab the 10-piece option instead. 

OXO Good Grips 20-Piece POP Container Set


To buy: OXO Good Grips 20-Piece Container Set, $184 (originally $230) at amazon.com

Now is your chance to whip your pantry back into shape. Shop the OXO Pop containers for some organizational peace of mind all the way into 2024. 

OXO Steel POP Mini Container


To buy: OXO Good Grips 2-Quart Steel Mini Container, $9 (originally $12) at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips 6 Piece Large Canister Set with Scoops


To buy: OXO Good Grips 6-Piece Large Canister Set with Scoops, $99 (originally $111) at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set & Good Grips 6 Piece Large Canister Set


To buy: OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Container Set, $138 (originally $169) at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips POP Container


To buy: 2-Piece Container and Brown Sugar Keeper Set, $17 (originally $22), $17 (originally $22) at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips 3.0 Qt POP Medium Cookie Jar


To buy: OXO Good Grips 3.0-Quart Medium Cookie Jar, $16 (originally $21) at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips POP Container


To buy: OXO Good Grips 0.4-Quart Square Container, $8 (originally $11) at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips POP Container Rectangle Tall 3.7 Qt


To buy: OXO Good Grips 3.7-Quart Container, $16 (originally $21) at amazon.com

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