Organize Your Spice Collection for Good with This Top-Rated Jar Set That's Over 40% Off at Amazon

It literally comes with everything you need.

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NETANY 24 Pcs Spice Jars with Labels


When it comes to dried spices and herbs, disarray can happen in a matter of seconds. The bottles come in all shapes and sizes, making any hope of organizing and storing them easily a challenge. 

That's why a set of reusable, labeled glass jars can be a huge help. Not only will everything look more uniform for storage, but all of your bottles will be the same shape and size. And, if you've been in the market to overhaul this very issue for spring, look no further. These Netany jars come in a pack of 24 with all the works, and you can grab a packon sale for just $32 right now

NETANY 24 Pcs Spice Jars with Labels


To buy: Netany 24-Spice Jar and Label Set, $32 (originally $55) at

Each spice jar in this set is a standard size at 4-ounces. They’re made with clear, BPA-free, shatter-resistant glass. When it comes to filling them, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted messes — the set comes with a funnel to help pour spices in neatly. 

Since each jar is square, it makes it even easier to line them up alongside one another as well as tuck them into corners of shelves and organizers. They all have cute bamboo lids, plus you’ll get a little insert that has perforations for shaking, and an opening for pouring larger herbs or spices. 

The set also comes with 492 labels to pop onto the jar in three different styles, some with pre-printed names, and some with labels to write on yourself with an included marker. They’re perfect for anything from whole peppercorns, to cinnamon and blends like Chinese five spice. If you like to grab your spices in bulk, and need a place to store them, this set is perfect.

These jars have garnered over 2,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers mainly calling out their ease-of-use and aesthetic appearance. “These are amazing for the person who hates fumbling through a cabinet full of spices in containers of different sizes and shapes,” one person wrote in their review

“I love everything about these. A lot of other spice jars like these don’t have the plastic caps and that’s what made me buy this brand,” a second reviewer wrote. Another shopper called out just how unique the set is, writing that they searched “high and low” on sites for lids like these. “I love that there are options for the kinds of labels that you want to put on your jars, which makes it a very versatile set, depending on your style and aesthetic,” they added.

“Probably by far my favorite thing I've ever bought on Amazon,” a third simply said, writing that these jars make their pantry look so organized and clean.

With a well-stacked set of virtually everything you need, minus the spices themselves, this Netany spice jar set is well-worth grabbing on sale. Shop it now on Amazon while it’s 42% off. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $32. 

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