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Location: Northeast Pennsylvania

For more than two decades, Nadia has been a copywriter, editor, and translator for digital and print in a variety of industries. Her passions and areas of expertise are food and gardening. She has been a frequent contributor to Allrecipes, Food52, The Spruce, Eating Well, and other publications.


The publication in 2004 of her German regional cookbook "Spoonfuls of Germany" marked Nadia’s transition from heavy-duty industrial content such as chemicals and technology into food. By then, she also had several years in magazine and book publishing and public relations under her belt. When she moved from New York City to a rural hilltop in Pennsylvania, she discovered her green thumb and started growing bushels of vegetables and fruits. Like a thirsty plant, she soaked up gardening know-how through hands-on experience and ongoing learning.

Tethered to the internet from her new home in the countryside, Nadia set herself up as an independent copywriter, editor, and German translator. Her clients came from a wide variety of industries, which meant constantly immersing herself in new products and processes. Doing thorough research until she owns a topic is second nature to her and has won Nadia a band of loyal clients.

Nadia’s exhaustive research is also a cornerstone to her writing about food and gardening. For 13 years, mainly as an international editor, Nadia contributed to Allrecipes. Her fluency in several languages and experiences living in other countries before immigrating to the United States from her native Germany gives her writing incisive insights into world cuisines and cultures.

As a Master Gardener volunteer, she has written many articles about gardening, ranging from introductory basics, best practices for growing berries, and the importance of planting natives. She wrote her first gardening articles for The Spruce in 2019 and has since focused almost exclusively on food and gardening topics. In addition to growing edibles, Nadia specializes in writing and advising about landscaping with native plants.


Nadia received her Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Bonn, Germany. She trained as a Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver at Penn State Extension.

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