By Aly Walansky
Updated April 27, 2016
© Takashi Kitajima/Getty Images

If you are sick and tired of been given a hard time for not living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you can rest easy knowing you’ll at least be able to do your part for the earth after you die.

“Infinity Burial” suit from designer Jae Rhim Lee is a l suit made of flesh-eating mushrooms, designed to break down a body and absorb it back into the earth, removing the environmental contaminants normally released during the decomposing process. The nutrients are then absorbed into the soil.

Jae Rhim Lee demonstrateed the suit at a recent TED talk:

No one has been buried in this suit yet – which will run for $1500 – but the designer has already had one man sign up to be the first when his time comes.

So, if you haven’t quite been carrying your weight with composting and the whole paper vs. plastic thing, don’t feel bad. You have all of eternity to make up for it.