Our Favorite Mandoline for Evenly Cut Vegetables Is 40% Off at Amazon Right Now

Make 2023 the year of the mandoline.

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Mueller Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Tout

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A mandoline is one of those kitchen tools you might think you can do without, but really it’s a must-have. For me, life before a mandoline involved much more chopping and slicing whenever I went to make a salad, tart, or soup, and the finished dishes were always lopsided, uneven, and less appetizing than I’d hoped. Many chefs say you should treat your vegetables like meat, so think of a mandoline as a meat slicer, just for your vegetables — it allows you to create even slices every single time, so each morsel can sauté, roast, or even fry to perfection. 

If none of that convinced you that you need a mandoline in your life, maybe this will: Our favorite mandoline is currently 40% off at Amazon, just in time for a full year of precisely sliced vegetables. 

Mueller Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline


To buy: Mueller Multi Blade Mandoline, $30 with coupon (originally $40) at amazon.com

What stands out to us about the Mueller Mandoline is the price point. For $20 less than your average mandoline, this one offers five interchangeable blades for various thicknesses, including a grater, shredder, coarse shredder, slicer blade, and wavy blade. That means you have enough sizes to craft a visually appealing charcuterie board filled with sliced cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.

When it comes to mandolines, one thing always comes to mind for me beyond musical instruments: safety. However, not only are all five blades extraordinarily sharp, but the mandoline also comes with a grater guard to protect your fingers. 

Beyond safety, this mandoline is also dishwasher-safe and comes with a nice little case to store all the parts, so you never lose track of a single blade. While some say mandolines are sharper because they are used less frequently, I’d expect you’ll be breaking this tool out all the time based on how convenient it is. 

If 2022 was filled with less-than-ideal vegetables, it’s time to make a change. And it all starts with this editor-approved mandoline, which is now 40% off at Amazon.

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