Missing Drinks The Tom Collins, the cobbler and other once popular cocktails have virtually disappeared--but they're due for another round.
El Born Again Barcelona's old market district gets a new life as a happening food destination.
Marrakech Retreat A group of American friends bypassed the hotels and restaurants of this beautiful Moroccan city so that they could live--and eat--in a luxurious private villa in the heart of the Medina.
Celebrating Family Ties Robb Talbott was forced to choose between joining the family shirt and tie business and starting his own winery. He toasts his smart decision at a lunch showcasing his award-winning Chardonnays.
The New Standbys Great cooks share recipes for foolproof entertaining.
Breakfast at Shannon's Shannon McLean, fashion designer to the young social set, shows off her divine Audrey Hepburn style at a midnight meal worthy of Holly Golightly.
The Classics America Loves Like blue jeans or an Hermès scarf, these dishes will never go out of style.
Winemaker's Eden

At Stags' Leap, in Napa Valley, a new garden evokes the flavors and aromas of wine.

Paris Match Lionel Poilâne is a revered, ultra-traditional baker; his wife, Ibu Poilâne, is a modernist designer. A fantastic dinner at their Paris apartment shows why opposites attract.
Unexplored Values For well-priced wines, take the road less traveled to find bottles that are more about quality than cachet.

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A Coffee Barfly A writer finds that the quest for coffee shapes not just her day but also her life.
Five Easy Pieces With just five ingredients--and some imagination--a cook creates five different recipes.
Elixirs: Fruit Be fruitful. Why? Because more new hybrids are appearing and more good news is emerging about the health and beauty benefits.