50 Party Essentials Style arbiters and food pros dedicate themselves to party perfection. Here, their must-haves for soiree success.
Brava New World Led by Ferran Adriá, a genius from the Costa Brava, Catalonia's avant-garde chefs are pushing the culinary boundaries
Friend of a Farmer Transplanted California chef Seen Lippert creates 10 satisfying farmers' market recipes that can be on the table in a New York minute.
Interior Motives Hollywood celebrities flock to Jenny Armit's Los Angeles gallery for her artist-designed furniture--and her fabulous luncheons
Modern Times A glass house by modernist master Richard Neutra turns forty--with a party that winks at the rat pack era
In Vino Veritas America's most passionate wine collector expounds on love, truth and his restaurant, Veritas
Millennium Kitchens Exploring the three biggest developments in modern design
Fortune Cooking A cookbook author shares her French-Vietnamese recipes for luck, prosperity, and happiness at a feng shui dinner party with friends in her Manhattan loft.

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The Homesick Restaurant Café Habana brings the flavors of Mexico City to the expats of Manhattan
Pop Culture The Taittingers, the first family of Champagne, not only market luxury but also know how to enjoy it--especially at Sunday luncheons in their rose garden in Reims
The Best Room Service Forty hotels around the world that deliver everything from four-star meals to voodoo love charms
Pan Handling New materials give wimpy nonstick cookware a tough veneer. F&W puts the technology to the test.
You've Got Wine! A writer discovers the pleasures and terrors of buying wine at Internet auction.
Wheelbarrow Chic His new L.A. house still resembles a construction site, but designer Bill Sofield throws a party anyway--hard hats optional
A Nude Study Ravioli without pasta? Certainly! Ravioli nudi are the pride of Florence.