1998 Wine Poll Experts in a dozen cities vote for the bibulous
bests, from French wine lists to bargain bottles
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A convent, a castle and other great hotels surrounded by vineyards

Why France Still Matters Do French winemakers still rule? Two opinionated experts make their case.

the other side: Why France No Longer Matters

Manhattan Transfer | Normand Laprise Normand Laprise, Quebec's most famous chef, takes on New York City.
The American Bordeaux Washington State has the same climate as Bordeaux, and its winemakers are determined to make it as famous. At DeLille Cellars, they pass hors d'oeuvres and plot strategy.
Harvest Boon A Midwestern chef preserves the bounty of the fall's farmers' markets to prepare for the cold months ahead
The 1998 Golden Grape Awards FOOD & WINE salutes the visionaries in America who are not only changing the way we think about wine but also determining what we'll be drinking in the 21st century
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Wines Make Waves on St. Barts Smack in the middle of the Caribbean is a small piece of France, where the water is aqua, the people are beautiful and the wines are sensational
Paris Nights A novelist remembers the city's glory days and recalls his adored La Coupole, a restaurant with a soul
Pairing Principes: Wines to Serve with Vegetables Importer Terry Theise has a simple rule for pairing wines with foods: the wine should serve the food. He offers these ideas for choosing wines to go with vegetables.
Why France No Longer Matters Do French winemakers still rule? Two opinionated experts make their case.

the other side: Why France Still Matters

Napa's Dry Goods Not everyone who comes to the Napa Valley heads for the tasting rooms. Welcome to the winery gift shop boom.
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