Kitchen Equipment for the Vegetable-Centric Cook The stereotype of the vegetarian as wan and anemic is fading fast as a new generation of red-blooded men and women push meat off (or to the side of) their plates. These five tools make preparing vegetables fun and are ideal for the vegetable-centric cook.
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Best Beer Pairings Beer and burgers: a natural match. Beer and vegetarian dishes: not so obvious. Dr. Bill Sysak of Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido, California, offers these tips for pairing beer with 5 ingredients that are common in vegetarian dishes.
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A Sonoma Farm Thanksgiving The family of extraordinary food artisans behind San Francisco's Bi-Rite Market and creamery gather at their Sonoma farm for a holiday meal that honors their Palestinian heritage.
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To research regional American dishes for his upcoming Manhattan restaurant, chef Andrew Carmellini road-tripped around the country in search of spectacular flavors—and found just a few good ones. So he set out to invent his own.

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