The Insidious Rise of Cosmo-Cuisine Thanks to jet-setting chefs, the world’s most ambitious restaurants are blending local cuisines with cosmopolitan influences from around the globe. Is it a promising trend or the end of culinary diversity?
The Go List 2007 Essential travel items: suitcase, passport, plane ticket—and The Go List 2007, F&W’s definitive guide to 335 of the most outstanding restaurants in 40 cities around the world, from glamorous new spots to exceptional classics.
Jean-Georges’s Bora Bora Star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten follows a morning of Jet-skiing on the turquoise lagoon with an exuberant afternoon of creating recipes for his new Bora Bora restaurant.
Tao of Entertaining Thomas Schoos, the L.A. restaurant and hotel designer known for his theatrical, asian-inspired aesthetic, invites friends to his garden (complete with giant stone buddha) for dinner.
Chef Recipes Made Easy: A Lesson in Moorish Flavors Husband and wife chefs Sam and Sam Clark share a passion for all things Moorish and Spanish—evident at their stellar London restaurant, Moro, and in their two cookbooks (a third, Moro East, is due out in 2008). Here, the F&W Test Kitchen makes their recipes easier and faster.
Best Weeknight Recipes from a Star Vintner-Cook The wine world knows Jeff Smith as the man behind Hourglass Cabernet, one of California’s top cult bottlings. But Napa Valley insiders know his talent as a home cook who prepares easy, inventive, on-the-fly dinners.
Why Japanese Flavors Are the Next Big Thing You don’t need to visit Tokyo to buy micro-brewed mirin or visit an izakaya for sake and snacks: Importers and restaurateurs are bringing the best of Japan to America.
A Wine Tour of Château Country Lettie Teague, besotted with a certain Vouvray, travels to its source in France and discovers a range of unfamiliar bottles, excellent countryside restaurants (plus one dud) and historic castles.
Where to Eat in Tokyo Now: A Star Chef's Guide Chef Todd English's favorite food spots.
Istanbul’s Impresario of Seafood To her amazement, Paula Wolfert discovers revelatory seafood in a restaurant surrounded by tour buses.
Chicken: a Cook’s Guide to the World’s Favorite Bird

The Peruvians twirl it on a rotisserie; the Jamaicans spike it with Scotch bonnet chiles; the French sauce it with mustard and cream. There are a lot of ways to cook a chicken, and Americans take advantage of them all. Here, the F&W Test Kitchen uses three classic techniques—rubs, marinades and stir-fries—to bring a world of flavor to our favorite bird.

Tips for Wine Touring As with all vacations, a little planning is necessary to get the most out of your wine-country trip.
Dining in Dubai on $25 a Day Unwilling to eat all of his meals in posh resorts, writer Mitchell Davis escapes into Dubai’s "real" world and finds terrific and affordable ethnic restaurants, from Lebanese to Indian.
The World’s Greatest Wine City New York City is the capital of many things: finance, art, fashion, "everything" (if you ask a New Yorker). It’s also the world’s wine epicenter. Writer Ben Cheever tastes his way down Broadway; Peter Hellman reports on the best wine lists and shops.

Web-Exclusive: Google Map of 20 Great Manhattan Wine Shops.