Johnny Monis's Guide to Lean Meats At Washington, DC’s Greek-inspired Komi and the northern Thai spot Little Serow, Johnny Monis (an F&W Best New Chef 2007) champions lesser-known meats. If you’ve never had a goat stir-fry, he provides a compelling reason to try it.
Green Design: Urban-Rustic Interiors Sean Knibb is known for his naturalistic landscapes, but now he is becoming just as famous for his urban-rustic restaurant interiors and Technicolor furniture.
Healthy Eating Tips from AJ Jacobs Guided by snack-food developers and chefs, writer AJ Jacobs teaches himself to crave broccoli and brussels sprouts, and otherwise retools his taste buds.
Sprouting a Germination Nation Sprouted rice, sprouted lentils, sprouted flour, sprouted tortilla chips: Sprouted foods are everywhere. Here’s why you should try them.
A 2,000-Degree Dinner Party with the Artisans at Esque Glassblowing meets grass-fed beef when the artisans at Portland, Oregon’s Esque host a dinner party at their studio, inviting star chef Naomi Pomeroy to cook in their superhot ovens.
Natural Curiosities at Home Working with his collection of 75,000 images, Christopher Wilcox of L.A.’s Natural Curiosities transforms rare finds into reproducible art. Wilcox and his partner, chef Sera Pelle, invite F&W to see their studio and urban farm and reveal plans for a new food-inspired venture.
Healthy Cooking in the 21st Century There’s a world of healthy ingredients you’ve probably never tried, even if you’re an adventurous cook. It’s time to explore something new. That’s why F&W collected shopping lists from three brilliant innovators: a meat-centric chef, a vegan expert and a baking genius. We also got their most delicious recipes, from braised wild-boar shanks to fluffy pancakes with flaxseed.
Elisabeth Prueitt's Guide to Healthy Grains

At Tartine and Bar Tartine in San Francisco, pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt is known for classic French desserts made with white flour. But, she says, “I got turned on to using healthier alternatives at home when I found out that I was gluten-intolerant.”

Akasha Richmond's Vegan Grocery List Akasha Richmond was once a private chef, preparing healthy meals for celebrities like Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand. At her Los Angeles restaurant, Akasha, she now creates excellent dishes for both vegans and omnivores.