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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

For the newest season of his outstanding TV show, British chef Jamie Oliver is taking his food revolution to the streets of Los Angeles. F&W has the very first look at his recipes.

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Jennifer Nettles's Playlist Sugarland lead singer Jennifer Nettles sees a strong link between cooking and music: "Both food and music have what I call terroir, like wine. The place where you're from ends up being a part of the music. It also shows up in the food." She shares her own eclectic party playlist, with selections ranging from Al Green to Coldplay, below.
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J. Morgan Puett practices what she calls "creative domesticating," giving dinner parties a fun conceptual spin and turning the food in her refrigerator into an art installation.

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Health-minded foodies are discovering virtuous new ways to get their tender beef, crispy cookies and cheesy-eggy bread puddings. And they're keeping fit by baling hay or picking fruit at new rustic-luxe farm stays.