Burgers A fat, juicy burger is one of grilling's highest achievements. The recipes here are eight standouts.
Urgent Dispatch from a Trusted Correspondent | Australia From: Dan Phillips
Subject: Australia
Taste of Texas She was a chef-turned-food-writer; he baked world-famous breads. Then this New York City couple moved to a Texas fitness ranch and learned the joy of collaboration and the fun of cooking in cowboy boots.
Spirits: Tequila's Shot Tequila just might be Mexico's most infamous export. But thanks to devoted producers and restaurateurs, it is now becoming as much a connoisseur's drink as single-malt scotch and small-batch bourbon.
Wine Country Cookout Lots of people have a grill in the backyard; this lucky California couple has a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen designed by one of America's finest chefs. They show it off at an elegant spring lunch for some Napa winemaker friends.
After Hours: Sundays at Seven A Manhattan loft with skyscraper views and salvaged restaurant equipment is the unlikely setting for an old-fashioned family supper.
Family: Manning the Stove

He could toast a pop-tart—that's it. And yet, to his astonishment and eventual delight, this father-to-be became the family cook.

Dinner and a Movie

The characters in Diane Johnson's "Le Divorce" play out relationships in dining rooms where even the choice of cheese has meaning. As the novelist awaits the release of "Le Divorce" as a film starring Kate Hudson, she explains why.