Charitable Causes Many chefs donate their time to countless efforts to raise money and awareness to help those in need. Here, a look into the charitable efforts of some of the world's greatest chefs and others in the food world.
Where to Go Next: Chicago Honky-tonk taquerias, nose-to-tail dishes and ultra-seasonal chalkboard menus have energized the city, as have bars serving cult beers, small-batch liquors and esoteric wines.
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A Cowboy Chef's Fourth of July

Texas chef Tim Love channels the spirit of cattle-drive chuckwagon cooks for a July Fourth feast prepared over an open fire—salad and all.

A Lesson in Italian Flavors Michael White rules an Italian-restaurant empire in Manhattan, ranging from refined (Marea, Alto) to rustic (Convivio). F&W streamlines his best dishes.
Foraging: The Next Locavore Fixation America's forests and fields are full of free food, and chefs and home cooks are determined to find it, eat it, donate it to the hungry and (of course) blog about it.
Pierre Gagnaire Chet Baker, Las Vegas, Gustave Flaubert, Hermés Perfume, Jackson Pollock: these are what inspire Pierre Gagnaire, the world's most inspiring chef.
Foraging Wisdom for Everyone Driven by his passion to create a purely local cuisine, Daniel Patterson of San Francisco's Coi (an F&W Best New Chef 1997) has created a unique forager's website, Ingredient Lab.
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