Five Most Exciting Restaurant Wine-List Trends Food & Wine's Megan Krigbaum reports on the latest sommelier obsessions.
Independence Day on the Farm Chef Paul Virant, a sixth-generation Missourian, returns to his family’s horse farm to grill a sensational July Fourth meal.
What Chefs Want to Know About Wine and Aren’t Afraid to Ask Most chefs willingly admit to knowing less about wine than they’d like. Maria Helm Sinskey, culinary director of Robert Sinskey Vineyards, invites some of Seattle’s biggest talents to a crash course: She brings the wine; they bring the food.
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What Chefs Know Best: 30 Lessons from the Pros

Our Best New Chefs consistently amaze us with their kitchen wisdom. Here, past winners share their expertise with mini lessons on everything from how to make the ultimate panini to how to stock the perfect pantry.

Researched by Kristin Donnelly, Emily Kaiser, Megan Krigbaum and Jen Murphy

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50 Hall of Fame Best New Chefs: Entrepreneurs From a sushi star with 21 restaurants worldwide to a bread mogul–turned–pizza expert, these nine chefs have used their talent to build empires.
Peach Perfect At Masumoto Family Farm, two chefs take local to the next level with peaches from their adopted trees.
50 Hall of Fame Best New Chefs: Monogamists Concentrating their efforts at a single restaurant—at least for now—these chefs are dedicated to making their places as perfect as they can be.
Hall of Fame: 50 Best New Chefs We love all of our Best New Chefs from the past two decades, but these 50 exemplify four different kinds of success stories: as entrepreneurs, hometown heroes, creative visionaries or one-restaurant monogamists.
Cancer & Creativity: One Chef’s True Story While undergoing treatment for tongue cancer, Grant Achatz temporarily lost his ability to taste. Paradoxically, it taught him brilliant new ways to create flavor.
Tom Colicchio Judges L.A.’s Nightlife How good are Los Angeles’s new night spots? When writer Joel Stein goes bar-hopping with Tom Colicchio, the star chef and Top Chef head judge, he finds out—the hard way.
50 Hall of Fame Best New Chefs: Hometown Heroes Not all chefs want to open in Vegas. Some stay loyal to the cities that launched their careers, opening two (or three, or four) terrific restaurants there.
Serving Up Restaurant Style For those who covet restaurant plates, these ceramicists create gorgeous pieces anyone can buy. Photographs by David Prince
New Orleans on Six Meals a Day When F&W’s Salma Abdelnour traveled to New Orleans to search for a Best New Chef, she did more than eat herself silly, as she reveals in this account of her art-loving, cocktail-sipping, celebrity-stalking weekend.
Best New Wine Lists ’08 These winners, from restaurants that opened in the last year, have three more things in common: bargains, breadth and offbeat bottles. From a selection of 170 Rieslings to a supply of value-priced Taittinger Champagne, the lists also showcase seven of today’s best wine directors.
50 Hall of Fame Best New Chefs: Visionaries Driven by an idea—organics, avant-garde equipment, the ultimate pork bun—these men and women have inspired countless other chefs.
Best New Chefs & Their Easiest Recipes Twenty years ago, we picked our first group of Best New Chefs—which included future megastars Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller. This year, we’re proud to have discovered the next Bouluds and Kellers. To find them, we solicited nominations from food insiders around the country, looking for chefs who’ve been in charge of kitchens for less than five years; then, our F&W editors tasted for themselves.
Superfast Snacks: Chef Inspirations Food & Wine magazine shares delicious ideas from Best New Chefs.