Chop Talk

The chophouse, a workingman's restaurant that dates back to the seventeenth century, is making a comeback. A writer talks beef, pork, lamb and veal.

Patriot Games In a country that pledges allegiance to California vintages, Long Island wines are fighting for recognition--and getting it. At a July 4th picnic, East End winemakers tout their region.
Raise the Salad Bar Salads don't have to be skimpy, says a talented young chef who elevates them to main-course status using seafood, chicken, nuts, greens and herbs.
Wine: Many Happy Returns Sending back a spoiled wine can be intimidating, but you can pull it off smoothly if you follow these guidelines.
Western Union Los Angeles chef Ben Ford brings together his two passions, organic food and nature, for a splendid lunch in a tepee at his friends' Jackson Hole ranch.
Bread Winner Building an outstanding sandwich takes ingenuity and a firm set of rules, and this former deli wizard has both.
Best New Wine Lists | 2002

After searching the country for cutting-edge new wine lists, we are proud to honor these 10, all from restaurants that have opened within the past year.

America's Best New Chefs 2002 A young chef's job can be thankless. Besides coping with the usual challenges--long hours, cramped kitchens--ambitious newcomers have to captivate a jaded public. Every year, a few do so and earn our Best New Chef award. On this page, you'll meet this year's stars of the future. All have run a kitchen for less than five years, and in that short time, they've managed to seize our attention with their bold visions and dazzling food. Luckily, our job--indulging in their fabulous creations--is much easier than theirs.
A Selective Guide to America's Super Chefs

Besides talent, creativity and ambition, these stars share one more distinction: they're all former F&W best new chefs (and we spotted them way back when!). Here are their current home bases. Consider this the only restaurant guide you'll ever need.