Cooking at Home: Weeknight Dinner Deluxe Like Champagne, sparkling wines such as cava and Prosecco are great with all kinds of food, but they’re simpler, fruitier, more easygoing. F&W wine expert Ray Isle and test-kitchen pro Marcia Kiesel explore the pairing possibilities with half a dozen supremely delicious chicken recipes.
Competing at the Bocuse d’Or: Team USA’s Unbeatable Recipes Before competing at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or, chefs Timothy Hollingsworth and Adina Guest stop to cook a simple, inspiring meal. Their MO? Channel Mom.
A Thrifty Guide to Great Chef Recipes To save both time and money, F&W streamlines recipes from San Francisco’s elegant Spruce.
Dinner with a Deity: Master Chef Michel Bras Reclusive Michel Bras, arguably France’s most venerated chef, traveled to Manhattan to cook at a dinner hosted by Stefan Boublil and Gina Alvarez of the design agency the Apartment. Writer Jane Sigal watched Bras prepare his painstakingly pure cuisine and tells why he spent two hours peeling onions.
Simply Indian: Recipes from Royal Rajasthan

While researching a new culinary tour, food guide extraordinaire Peggy Markel visits palaces and home kitchens to learn the traditions and techniques of northern Indian cooking— and comes away with a bunch of sensational recipes.

February Deals Every month, our editors pick a few amazing deals on some of our favorite things. This month, we feature bargains on top pantry essentials (like artisanal olive oil and balsamic vinegar), chocolate and travel packages.
Milk Chocolate Desserts Food snobs generally prefer dark chocolate, the more bitter the better. But some of America’s top pastry chefs are proclaiming their love for creamy milk chocolate—which contains milk in addition to sugar and cocoa butter. The recipes here are good enough to lure anyone from the dark side.
Top Half-Bottle Sources F&W’s Lettie Teague found five great spots to score wine in half-bottles.
Easy Escapes: New Hotels in Washington, Florida, Virginia, Vermont Transporting new hotels a short drive from four busy cities.
Caribbean Escapes for Chocolate Lovers

Tropical trips that incorporate cacao plantations and chocolate factories with lodges and villas.

Kitchen Renovation Special: The New Appliance Essentials Broken oven? Hateful refrigerator? For any kitchen overdue for an upgrade, F&W’s Christine Quinlan identifies the best appliance advances of the past decade.
F&W’s Top 10 Chocolates We love these candies—from a 43-year-old supermarket standby to new artisanal sweets—for all their crunchy, chewy, gooey goodness.
Where to Go Next: Montreal Minuscule restaurants, chef-run sandwich spots, wine bars with reasonably priced pours: Montreal continues to deserve its reputation as an exciting place to eat.
Best BYOBs in America: New York, New Orleans, Napa, San Francisco, Chicago Wine-shop owners on where they love to bring their bottles.