Secret Ingredients from Top Chefs Most great chefs have at least one secret-weapon ingredient that they rely on to turn a lackluster dishes into extraordinary ones. Chef Daniel Orr of Farm Bloomington restaurant says, “There are certain things we call ‘cheap tricks’ in the business—grace notes that can simply elevate an otherwise drab dish.” When Food & Wine asked five chefs to share their favorite examples, some chose luxe specialty foods while others opted for familiar supermarket products used in unexpected ways. Here, their answers:
Top Chef Winner’s Tips Bravo’s Top Chef winner Hung Huynh inspired the judges with his confident approach to truffles, foie gras and other delicacies. But what would he do on a tight budget? Kate Krader reports from the kitchen.
Super Bowl Blowout

Even if Cleveland chef Michael Symon’s home team rarely makes it to the play-offs, his annual Super Bowl party is always the place to be, thanks to his delicious spicy buffalo wings, bacon-spiked chili and sweet corn bread.

Tokyo Now: Restaurants and Hotels in Japan The most thrilling food trends lately all seem to point to the same source: Japan. To find out what’s Big in Japan right now, Salma Abdelnour eats her way through Tokyo’s most of-the-moment restaurants and discovers some local obsessions that may be headed our way next.
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Sonoma's Style Source Jil Hales thinks locally and acts globally when sourcing for her fabulous Sonoma County restaurant and tabletop shop.
Wine 101: Malbec

Originally used as a blending grape in France’s Bordeaux region, Malbec has found its true home in Argentina’s Mendoza region.

Bargain Bordeaux & Luxurious Dinners Although Bordeaux produces some of the world’s most rarefied wines, it’s also home to reds that offer Old World elegance and intense flavor for a modest price—and are impressively food-friendly, too.
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