In Praise of White: Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatoes High-protein diets are so 2003. The eight extraordinary recipes here celebrate the comeback of carbs—creamy pasta, crusty bread, fragrant rice and potatoes that are marvelously crisp or silky smooth.
A Four-Star Chef in a Movie Star's Brazil The remote Brazilian beach town of Trancoso may be the world's sexiest and most exclusive vacation spot (just ask Gisele Bündchen and Matt Dillon). Eric Ripert trades his chef's whites for a sarong to learn about the lusty local cuisine.
Fast Track: Gabriel Frasca Boston chef-on-the-rise Gabriel Frasca of Spire.
Dispatch From a Trusted Correspondent On the Road: Istanbul From: Anya von Bremzen
Subject: Istanbul
Winemakers On Board: Oregon Pinot Noir and Snowboarding For Oregon's snowboarding-obsessed winemakers, Pinot Noir and powder are a perfect match. After a day on the slopes, they pour their best bottles at a fabulous meal in a hut high up on Mount Hood.
Journey to Djerba: Tunisian Chef Abderrazak Haouari Chef Abderrazak Haouari left a career at two-star French restaurants to return home to Tunisia. Writer Paula Wolfert extols his massive talent.
Robuchon Headlines in Las Vegas How will superchef Joël Robuchon's subtle, refined cuisine play in a city that favors the outlandish and over-the-top? F&W's Jane Sigal checks out his ambitious new restaurant and predicts a smash success.
Taste Test: Coffee The first five roasters appear in the March issue of F&W. The rest are web-exclusive picks.
Personal Hotel Shopper Like a personal shopper, Lulu Townsend, founder of Chic Retreats, cuts through the clutter to help travelers find hotels with real style.
Wine Geeks' Dot-Com Dinners Wine fanatics are using the Web to arrange tastings with other obsessives. Internet addict Lettie Teague investigates the world of the "offline."
Valentine's Day Dinner A star-chef couple shares Valentine's Day dishes for two.