Adventure on The Curry Coast At a tranquil island retreat in India, Aniamma Philip—known to all as Mummy—teaches visitors how to make spicy curries and masalas with ingredients from her family farm.
12 Incredible Edible Holiday Gifts There are gifts all food lovers dream of receiving (fresh truffles, artisanal olive oil) and then there are the ones they actually get (fruit baskets, gingersnaps). Here are fast, fantastic recipes for both kinds of presents.
Behind the Scenes at <em>Top Chef</em>

On camera, contestants on Bravo’s Top Chef are feeling the heat, but behind the scenes the food’s just for fun. Until, that is, F&W throws out an after-hours cooking challenge involving pasta and pizza dough.

Style Parties: Entertaining Makeover When food stylist Alison Attenborough and her chef husband, Jamie Kimm, have a holiday party, they approach the food as both cooks and visual artists.
The Greatest Party Playlists To find the most compelling music for holiday parties, audiophile Charlotte Druckman turned to the pros behind the best restaurant playlists.
Comfort Food From a Rebel Chef At Chicago’s Alinea, Grant Achatz creates delicious, often provocative dishes. Yet this bold chef, who got his start flipping eggs at his parents’ restaurant, also makes a mean mac ’n’ cheese and a fabulous meat loaf.
Christmas With a Spanish Accent Fast-moving, fast-talking chef José Andrés combines Spanish and American flavors for a Christmas feast featuring a stellar sausage-stuffed rack of pork.
Chef Recipes Made Easy In their quest to make dazzling desserts, pastry chefs prepare their own puff pastry, use blowtorches and ring molds and miniaturize recipes for petit four plates. Here, F&W simplifies the best recipes from the country’s most exciting talents.
Best Restaurant Dishes of 2006

Where did F&W’s editors find the most exciting new restaurant dishes of the year? In San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, to be sure—but also in Bristol, Rhode Island, and Marble Falls, Texas.